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Address Stickers

I use them for everything.  

I use them to create labels for my library books.  I can label the grade level and the reading level.  I make all my labels the same; "Mrs. Robles' Classroom Library   Grade level ___  Reading level ___" That way I can just make one and write in the info.

I use them to make labels that say "Mrs. Robles' Professional Read"  That way, when someone borrows my books, they know who to return them to!

I use them to labels the kids notebooks.  I'm not much of a copy person...most of the kids work goes into their notebooks.  They have labeled notebooks for Readers' Workshop, Writers' Workshop, Comprehension, Problem Solving and Science/Social Studies.  It really cuts down on copies and how much paper we use in class.  Less paperwork all around!


Have you tried Storybird?  It's a great web based program for writing.  I love it because it has beautiful art that students can use to inspire their writing.  It's pretty easy to set up accounts- no email required.  All social interactions are classroom contained so it's safe.  The kids get to make illustrated books into beautiful books.  You can create assignments and give them feedback.  Students can also read the stories others have written.  Check it out.  It is really nice program and of course, it's free.

Comprehension Anchor Charts

When teaching comprehension strategies, you should always have an anchor chart for the students to refer to. What does a good anchor chart look like? They should include the title. I use:


Activate and Connect to Background Knowledge

Then a description of the strategy.  The what:

This is the foundation of all thinking. Readers must think of what they already know to understand what they hear, read and view. Background knowledge is also called schema.

The why: Readers need to activate their schema to understand and retain information from a text. It helps you get ready to read and be open to new information. It focuses your reading.

Then how to apply the strategy:

You can do this by:
· Referring to prior personal experiences
· Making connections between texts and media
· Activating your prior knowledge of the content, style, structure, features, and genre
· Connecting the new to the unknown -using what you know to understand new information
· Merging your thinking with new learning to build a knowledge base
· Activating your schema to read strategically

Finally, add some practical ways to apply, sentence frames or thinking maps. In this case, a KWL chart, a quick write or sentence frames:

-This reminds me of...
-This text is like _____ because _____

Here's what my chart looks like:

Hope these tips were useful!!

Fourth Grade Teacher in California!


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