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WW: Disneyland Meet Up

It's Wordless Wednesday!

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Blogger meet up at Disneyland!

Best meet up at Disneyland! I had so much fun!  I got to meet Barbara @BarbaraKTeacher, Michelle @ApplesandABCs, Courtney +Courtney Hinshaw Molly @MollyMMaloy, Holly @ResearchandPlay,  Beth, Jessica, Layla, Sandy @Soaring_Sandy, Jen @Sparkilingin2nd,  Lorraine and Laura. 

Special thanks to Michelle and Courtney for organizing everything!!  
It was amazing!!

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EdTech: ThingLink and Close Reading

ThingLink and Close Reading!!!

At #CUE16, I went to q quick session at the Cue Hub in the Exhibits area.  It was on ThingLink and how the teacher uses it in her classroom for close reading images.

So I thought I'd try my hand at it.  I plan on using one school account.  To be able to add icons, you need to upgrade to the edu premium account ($35 yearly).  I thought it was ok.  I like the idea of aligning the icons with the signposts (cool chart) on Notice and Note by Beers and Probst, which you can only do with the edu premium account.  Here's a flyer for Notice and Note a deeper explanation of the signposts.

So first add any icons you would like.  I aligned the icons with the signposts on Notice and Note by Beers and Probst.  They already had the exclamation point and the question mark.   As you can see, I added a thought cloud for Memory Moment, a lightbulb for an Aha moment, a reload sign for Again and Again and an ABC for Words from the Wise.  Just remember to make them png format and no bigger than 36 x 36 pixels.

Right now we are reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio.  I love, love, love this book. It has such great themes such as kindness, empathy, courage and friendship. 

So I looked up an image I could use with my kids.  I thought this quote would touch them and they would have a lot to say about it.

This is the first screen you see in ThingLink once you upload an image.  You add a tag and then write your notes based on the signposts of Notice and Note.  You can add as many tags as you like.  The text the kids added show up as you float over the tags.

Once you're done, it'll show up in your gallery.  I plan to have the kids work on this in groups.

If you're looking for a pen-and-pencil close reading guide, you can get one here.

Pretty cool idea.  I think the kids will really like it.  Imagine the things you could do with art, historical images, pictures of science experiments...


WW: Easter Egg Hunt at Disney California Adventure

It's Wordless Wednesday!

Linking with Wordless WednesdayCreate with JoyWordless Wednesday with NC SueThe Talbert Zoo,  Crafty Spices, and my besties, Oh My Heartsie Girl!!

Here are the images from my Easter Egg Hunt at Disney California Adventure!  You buy the map ($5.95) and find the eggs around the park.  Then you get a plastic egg!

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Sunday Scoop 3-20-16

Sunday Scoop

A Linky Party hosted by The Teaching Trio

I went to the CUE conference (National conference for Computer Using Educators) this week and there is no food in the house!!  I feel like I'm behind on pinning so I need to get busy with that!  And of course, laundry.  Sigh!

I've been working on that guide forever.  I keep getting distracted!  Qith Spring Break here, I'm going to recommit myself!  Learned a lot at CUE and want to share it with everyone!

I've got my room and TeachersPayTeachers conference paid but I need to plan the WDW part!  I plan to visit the four main parks!  First time...woo hoo!

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WW: Teachers Take Sacramento 2016

It's Wordless Wednesday!

Linking with Wordless Wednesday, Create with Joy, Wordless Wednesday with NC Sue, The Talbert Zoo, Crafty Spices, and my besties, Oh My Heartsie Girl!!

So 85 teachers/bloggers met up in Sacramento to talk teaching, business and just have fun. We had a scavenger hunt and a great dinner with tons of great prizes. It was a blast!! 

Special thanks to the organizers: Laura fromTeaching From Beyond the Desk, Erin from Very Perry Classroom, Sarah fromTales of Teaching with Tech, Brianne from Hoo-oray for Teaching for making it special!

Marcy @HoweMarcy, Rachel @RachelLynette and Nancy @thankfulndw

Sheila Jane @sheilajteaching, Erin at @youAUTaknow, Aris Rossi @sailinginto2nd, Cailin @TeachMrsM, Layla @fancyfreein4th, Amy @tpt_amy, Elliott @TpT_elliott and Paula at Paula's Preschool and Kindergarten

Sorry if I missed you! I didn't catch everyone's name!  Feel free to add your tag in the comments.

My loot!  Bwa ha ha!  Nickel and Suede earrings (x2), a comfy blanket and a gift card to Lakeshore!!!  Lucky me!!

Erin at, Amy Zimmerman Walker, Mercedes at Surfing to Success, and missing Kelly @kellys3ps

There I am in the top left corner!!
Amazing Sacramento meet up! #teacherstakesacramento2016 

So much fun with all these amazing ladies!!  Can't wait till next year!

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EdTech: YouTube tips and tricks!


One of the best sessions I attended at #CUE16 was Youtube and you by Chris Scott @cscottsy

Here's what I learned!

Why use Youtube?
  • It’s inspiring
  • It’s immediate
  • You can show the world
  • We can differentiate
  • Demonstrate dangerous experiments
  • Get a bigger audience (Massive audience)
  • Experience history
  • We get to create, share and help others
  • 360 degree video (get some VR viewer and here's some cool web sites)

If haven't heard of it (Really??), it's a model of tech integration in schools. Don’t use it at level 1- just viewing. You need to move into more complex ideas that are better for kids. SAMR-See that dotted line in the center?  The goal is to use tech where you are above the line.  Are you teaching above the line?

Ideas for staying above the line

Type in words from the standard e.g. “sensory experience” “Lewis and Clark” Create reenactments. Create reenactments with alternative endings

Math: Watch a video and think up some math questions. Try to solve.

Science: Pause a video to make a hypothesis

Art: Mario maker to create your own world

How might you use YouTube?

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