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Writing During This Historic Time: My Pandemic Journal

Writing During This Historic Time

How are you?  Really, how are you?

This is such a scary time.  We are all feeling our way through distance learning and trying to ensure our kids have everything they need during this time to keep learning.  It's hard and it's overwhelming and it's ok to stop and take a breather!

Something we should all be doing is journaling.  This is such a historic time we need to be sure to write every day.  For your students and for yourself, it helps keep us sane.

One thing I do is create videos/lessons for my kids every day.  Since I'm out of the classroom, I make them on our school web page so that all the kids can access them.  Sometimes it's a read aloud, a science lesson or even history.  I did yoga with them too to help them relax.

To encourage my kids to write, I created a video for them using Clips.  Clips is an Apple app that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to create neat videos.  It has filters and virtual backgrounds.  You can even use your animoji!

We all need to use our tools to capture the kids interest.  The kids loved this video.  I hope you love using Clips too.

If you want a digital journal to use with your kids, just click the picture of the Pandemic Journal.  You can download it for free.  Then just assign with Google Classroom or your LMS, such as Schoology.

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