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Schools closed: To the teachers...

Schools closed: To the teachers...

My school district has closed for at least two weeks.  How about yours?

I know it's scary.  I'm scared too.  But we have to put our kids first.  One thing we can do now and keep doing during this frightening time is to make a connection with our kids.   With groups of no more than 10 that can congregate, face to face is out of the question.  Video is a great option.  I know we may not like our voices or how we look on video but it's not about you.  It's about the kids.  It is so comforting to them to see their favorite teacher in some form.  Let's talk about options...
  • Your schools Learning Management System (lms).  At our district, we use Schoology and there is a conference option teachers can use.  Check with your district.
  • Facebook.   Facebook Live is super easy to use.  You can use your school web page if you have one or create a class page.
  • Class Dojo.  Do you have a Class Dojo page?  You can do video with your class there!  
  • Instagram stories.  If your kids follow you on IG, stories is another way to interact with them.  
I'm sure there are many other platforms you can use.  The point is just jump in the pool.  Really, it will be helpful and reassuring to your kids who need this right now.  Here is a link to my first attempt.  Not great but the kids appreciated it and that's all that matters.



School closed: Now what?

School closed: Now what?

My school district has closed for at least two weeks.  How about yours?  In case your kids are home, here are some options to ensure they don't fall behind as state testing will surely be upon us when they return to school.  

If your child has a district email use it to sign in with Google on most web sites, if available.  It's a time saver.

For LAUSD students: Use Schoology:

Language Arts web sites
Digital Library: Lots of free resources for ELA

Mathematics web sites

Social Studies web sites

Science web sites

California SBA Practice tests:
Practice tests for the big state test for ELA, Math, Science and ELPAC.

Most of these web sites are for elementary aged kids but some do scale up to high school.  

Also there are many free resources available on TeachersPayTeachers:  Just filter for the pertinent grade.

I hope this is helpful.  It helps to create a schedule and have a routine.  It's stressful on all of us but we need to help our kids as much as possible and keep them learning.

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