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Cool Google Slides Tips and Tricks

Cool Google Slides 

Tips and Tricks

CUE Los Angeles just had their CUE Palooza today and my mind is blown 😲 by everything I did not know about Google slides.  I'm going to give you a few of the tips and tricks I learned today.

First, if you want to know how I made the top image, I created it in slides.  Then I downloaded as a .png so I could use it as an image.  I like to save images and insert as backgrounds in my slide decks so the kids can't edit them.

Explore tool

Maybe it's just me but I did not know what that star thing at the bottom was!  It always bothered me- I was trying to get rid of it!  No more.  Once it opens, it will search the web and your drive for anything you want.  And it will even cite sources.  Isn't that cool?


I've always used tables for data.  However, you can also use them for questions.  Looks neater!  Use the paint bucket to color the cells.

Quick Color Picker

The Chrome Web Store has a ton of extensions that will make your life easier.  I wanted the colors to match so I went to the Chrome Web Store and downloaded Quick Color Picker.   I was able to use the eye dropper to pick up the color in the background so it would look better.  No need to do this, I just wanted it to match!

Spelling Help

Make sure to teach your kids about this!  First go to Tools >> Spelling >> Underline errors. That way it will underline the errors and give them suggestions for spelling when they click on it.

More Space!

Last but not least.  You can use the sides for way off the slide.  And because I used the explore tool to find those images, they are all cited correctly when you click on them.

I hope you learned something knew.  
Can't wait to teach these things to my kids.

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