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IMWAYR: Unstoppable Me! and No Excuses!

Monday Linky from Teach Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers!

I just read Unstoppable Me : 10 Ways to Soar through Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer. It's set up with a poem about a life skill and a real life example. 
The 10 ways are:
1.You’re great, no matter what!
2.Persistence pays off!
3.Welcome the Unknown
4.You have a choice
5.Farewell to Worry
6.Peace Begins with You
7.Enjoy the Here-and-Now
8.Healthy Me!
9.Creativity is Key!

10.What Can You Give?

Unstoppable Me with Thinking Routines!  I created this product to use with this book. You can find it in my TPT store. 
This product takes thinking routines (from Making Thinking Visible) and uses them in conjunction with Unstoppable Me! Thinking Routines are routines that build classroom culture. They are used to introduce and explore ideas, synthesize and organize thinking and digging deeper into ideas.
This unit is set up with a lesson for each poem. Each lesson incorporates a different thinking routine from Making Thinking Visible by Ritchhart, Church and Morrison. It begins with teacher directions. Then, there are two sheets. One is in color to project for the students during the explanation. The other is in blackline to copy for students.
I love lessons that make students think deep and consider why. You’ll see that some lessons were pegged closely to the material and others are more general so that you could use them with different lessons.

A complimentary book and great for teaching growth mindset is No Excuses by the same author.  This book is written in a story format.  It's about not letting excuses get in your way!

Check out these two books.  I prefer to buy them in Kindle format for the classroom.  That way I can project it on the screen and I can upload it to the students' kindles.

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LisaTeachR's tips for the LaborLess Blog Hop

Hello everyone!


Main Graphic Laborless

It is Finally here!

Today I am linking with Laura from Where the Magic Happens, Krista from Teaching Momster, and Lisa from PAWsitively Teaching! I have joined forces once again with my bloggy friends to bring you the best, most amazing giveaway on this Labor Day weekend!
All of us have been thinking about  good ways in which to treat our readers and followers.   We thought hard, and I mean it! Really, really hard… and decided that  we can treat you to our best ideas to work smarter rather than harder… at school and home!
I know what it takes to be a great teacher, the stress, the time, the energy… I could go on and on! I also know that we crave time to ourselves and our families.

So here I go!

Bathroom magnet board

So I made this magnet board to manage bathroom visits.

When students go, they put their number in the center box.   When they return, they put it on the bottom.  Students know not to ask if someone is out of the room.  It has cut down on interruptions in the classroom!

These are buttons with round labels on them. I got most of the stuff at the .99 cent store and Walmart.

Then I put magnetic tape on the back.  I affixed the ribbon with duct tape on the back.

Disneyland Walks

I de-stress with my Disneyland Walks.  OK, ok, I know not everyone can do that but you can just take a walk.  Get out in the fresh air, get some exercise and de-stress!


GRA and Fish in a Tree

A great book to read is Fish in a Tree AND it's part of the Global Read Aloud this year. That's where one book connects the world. It starts soon! This is from the web site:
"The premise is simple; we pick a book to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make as many global connections as possible. Each teacher decides how much time they would like to dedicate and how involved they would like to be. Some people choose to connect with just one class, while others go for as many as possible. The scope and depth of the project is up to you. In the past we have used Twitter, Skype, Edmodo, our wiki, email, regular mail, Kidblog, Tackk, and any other tools we can think of to make these connections. Teachers get a community of other educators to do a global project with, hopefully inspiring them to continue these connections through the year. "
Fish in a Tree is told from the point of view of Ally Nickerson. Ally is a really smart girl. She’s so smart she’s been able to fool a lot of people. One day, however, Mr. Daniels comes to substitute for Ms. Hall. He’s able to figure out Ally when no one else could.
Some themes to consider while reading this book: dyslexia, friendship, family, bullying, overcoming adversity, identity, perseverance, and the power of asking for help.  I created this close reading guide to help with the close read lessons.

Check it out! Have a great school year!

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Thank you for reading! And now don't be silly and get your hands all over this awesome giveaway!!

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FF: Standard Mathematical Practices

Freebie Friday!

Linking with Teaching Blog Addict

Standard Mathematical Practices

This freebie is about the Standard Mathematical Practices from the Common Core.  Common Core mathematics is about creating problem solvers. For that, you need good math instruction. This is a cute chart I made for the eight mathematical practices. I copy two onto a sheet and have students paste it into their problem solving journal. I used kid friendly language.

The zip drive has the same chart in three formats: PDF, PNG and editable Powerpoint.

It's free on my TPT store!  Enjoy!

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