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Picture books to celebrate those who have influenced us!

Celebrating Teachers!

It's Teacher Appreciation week!  Let's celebrate all those that have influenced us in some way!

    Because I had a teacher is written by Kobi Yamada and a New York Times Best Seller
. Woot woot!Look at the text:
"Because I had a teacher, I have whole new wolrds to explore.
I discovered that what I can Imagine, I can make real.
And now I feel like I can do anything.
Because I had you, I learned to believe in me."
The illustrations by Natalie Russell remind me of the sweetness of Winnie the Pooh.  Just a beautiful book.

    My Teacher Sleeps in School is by Leattie Weiss. I remember teaching first grade and the kids assumed I lived in the closet.  They were shocked to hear that I lived in my own home and not in school!  Cute book where the "kids" are elephants and are convinced their teacher lives on campus.  This book is short and sweet.

    Dear Teacher: A celebration of those who have inspired us is written by Paris Rosenthal.  This book is like a love letter to teachers everywhere.  Each page begins with "Dear Teacher" and says why they appreciate them so much!  A great follow up activity would be to have kids create their own "page" that could go in the book with an illustration that they could then gift their favorite teacher.


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