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My Tips for DonorsChoose

I have been pretty successful in getting my DonorsChoose grants funded.  DonorsChoose is a great web site where teachers write grants for wanted classroom objects, visitors or trips and kind hearted souls donate to support the project.

Here are my tips for success:

1.  Before you write your grant, look for your states partner funding opportunities (look at the bottom of the page). Look up your state and see if any of the matching opportunities align with your idea.  If you can get a match offer, you're halfway there.  If you get an almost home match, you only need $100 to fund it!!

2.  Keep it small.  Smaller grants have a greater chance of getting funded.

3.  Email your friends and acquaintances.  Everyone can use a tax deduction at the end of the year.  

4.  Use social media.  Put it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, anywhere and everywhere.  You never know who will respond. 

5. If it doesn't get funded, don't fret.  It just wasn't meant to be this time.   You can always put it back up later after you spruce up the language.  Make it even more exciting.

It's a great organization that has helped my classroom a lot!! Good luck!!

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