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Amazing Books I Love to Read Aloud in Fourth Grade

Books I Love to Read Aloud in Fourth Grade

   I know everyone is busy planning for the school year and people are thinking about what books to read aloud for the school year.  Here is a list of books I love to read with my students:

  • The One and Only Ivan     Themes: friendship, courage, love, humanity, ethics  Close Reading Guide
  • Wonder     Themes: friendship, bullying, acceptance, family, school, kindness Close Reading Guide
  • Tiger Rising     Themes: loss, new experiences, friendship, bullying, standing up for yourself/others
  • Esperanza Rising     Themes: poverty, elitism, power, latino/a, migrant, farm workers, workers rights
  • Number the Stars      Themes: Nazis, holocaust, friendship
  • Frindle     Themes: humor, etymology
  • Flora and Ulysses      Themes: divorce, superpowers, trust  Close Reading Guide
  • Stone Fox      Themes: poverty, resilience, perseverance
  • Inside Out and Back Again       Themes: war, relocation, bullying  Close Reading Guide
  • The Lemonade War      Themes: humor, friendship, marketing
  • Alice in Wonderland       Themes: satire, nonsensical language  Close Reading Guide
  • A Diamond in the Desert       Themes: war, Pearl Harbor, internment camps, Japanese-Americans   Close Reading Guide
  • Tequila Worm       Themes: Latino/a, families, decisions, growing up
  • Baseball in April and Other Stories      Themes: Latino/a, growing up
  • One Crazy Summer       Themes: prejudice, racism, civil rights, African-Americans
  • Bud, Not Buddy      Themes: foster homes, Depression, Runaways, African-Americans
  • The Cay      Themes: war, racism, solitude, friendship Close Reading Guide
  • Rain, Reign      Themes: Asperger's syndrome, pets, friendship, doing what's right
  • Fish in a Tree      Themes: Dyslexia, friendship, family, perseverance, growth mindset Close Reading Guide
  • The Fourteenth Goldfish      Themes: science, divorce, friendship, aging, growth mindset  Close Reading Guide

This list of themes barely scratches the surface.  They're all great books that lead to deep discussions.  I made close reading guides for some of them, they're on my TPT store!

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