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Wrapping Up the School Year with fun activities

(It's the End of the Year!)

How do you wrap up your school year?  I know you're tired but I see it as a time to go out strong!  Leave your kids with amazing memories and fun stuff.  Since testing is over, it's a good time to branch out and do some really fun activities.


You can wrap up with reflective activities.  One thing we did and put up for Open House was the Wheel of Memories!  It's a simple wheel where kids can write about their favorite activities or memories from the school year.  If you'd like your own, download it here!

Digital Tools

It's also a good time to try out some new digital tools.  My kids love Quizizz.  There are a lot of pre-made quizzes or you can make your own.   Kids can also create their own which my kids loooove!  During the year, my students embedded them into their Google Slides projects.  That way they can see who was paying attention during their oral presentations!!  

Padlet is an online collaborative bulletin board.  I used it in conjunction with Schoology.  That's the learning management system our district uses.  I created a discussion with a historical image.  Kids commented with their first impressions.  Then we watched a meme-story on YouTube (Mr. Bett's is amazing!!), finally we used Padlet to share summaries about their new understandings. 

In my class, we use all things Google Suite.  One great activity is the End of Year Newspaper project on Google.   It's basically a way to remember the past year but in a fun digital format.   

How do you like to wrap up your school year?

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