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TT: End of the School Year Ideas!

End of the School Year Ideas!

Here are my top end of the school year ideas!

Go digital!

  • Keep your kids busy with Google activities.  I like having them do an end of the year newspaper.  It's like a memory book but it's digital and shorter. Yay! No copies!

Gifts for students

  • Love this idea from Isla Hearts Teaching.  How about making the kids personalized bookmarks?  Cool idea.
  • How about writing journals?  Give your kids a journal and a gel pen to get started on their writing adventures.

Do some STEM!

  • Try Building a Roller Coaster with them!  It can be a table top version or a wall version.  Great way to review angles!
  • Have you read Alice in Wonderland with your kids?  Try the Mad Tea Party challenge!  Fun and it uses materials you probably have in your classroom.
Packing up the room
  • Don't wait until the last minute!  Pre-pack as much as you can.  Start early and you can walk out when that dismissal bell rings with the kids!
  • Sketch your furniture arrangement on the board.  Your class will probably be cleaned over the summer and this way the custodians know where to return everything.

  • Once you are off, take some time for you!  Get a massage, read and just get some rest.  Your students will need you at their best next year!


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