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Technology Thursday: KidBlog


OK I admit it...I was skeptical about Kidblog.  My kids used blogger last year and it was fine.  I use it for my own blog.  However, our district changed the student information system and its a mess.  I can get any information therefore I can't make them accounts!  So I tried KidBlog...

And am I glad I did.  Account creation was super easy- I bulk created them in 2 minutes.  It was been easy for the kids to use and I love that I approve comments before they are posted.  No monkey business!  The teacher selects the background so no losing time messing around with that. This is our class page:

We are using our blogs in connection with Edmodo and The Global Read Aloud.  I'm finding it super easy to connect with others through the Blogroll.  My students are reading The Fourteenth Goldfish and are able to collaborate with others all over the world!  I give the kids questions or writing assignments and they blog!  Here is one example:

I know it sounds intimidating but it's super safe.  You can keep it closed to only your class and your parents or you can open it to the world with the added protection of approving comments.  Give it a try.  Here is the link to my class:  Feel free to read the kids work and leave comments.

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