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SoL: A New Set of Eyes

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SoL: A New Set of Eyes

I am a Disney-phile.  I've watched most ( I admit not all) Disney movies and I can probably sing the songs that go with them.  I've had a Disney pass for many years.  First with my kids ( my husband does not appreciate Disney as we do) and then on my own.  I went with like minded friends for years.

Recently another friend decided to take the step and treat herself to a pass.  I took her on Wednesday.  Now, I love Disneyland and California Adventure.  I love the sights and the smells and the people who go.  BUT there is something magical about experiencing it with someone who has never been.  My friend had been to Disneyland and is very familiar with it but taking her to Ca Adv was so much fun.  It was great to see it through new eyes.  For me, it was a reminder not to take things for granted and to appreciate life for what it offers.  

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