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Freebie Friday!

Freebie Friday!

I thought I'd take a minute and put some of my free items on TPT on one page! At least it's some of the free items as of now.  There are more, just visit my TPT store.

So I went to a conference this summer: CUE Rock Star Teacher and it was amazing!  I learned to create interactive videos, blogs and much more.  One of the things I learned about was Multimedia text sets.  Here is my first attempt!

These are bookmarks you can use with your students based on the Comon Core.

I just made this png on the Standards of Mathematical Practice.  Lots of resources have some of the standards wrong so this is my attempt after much research.

This is my original freebie.  One lesson plan for activating and connecting to background knowledge for Lilly's Big Day by Kevin Henkes.

If you're a TPT seller, this one is for you!  I went to the conference in Las Vegas and learned a ton!  Here is all my learning in one neat package!

There are more resources of course but I have to pick up my kids now! 

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