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Why CGI? A Quick Intro

CGI Mathematics
A Research based Approach

So I'm taking an online course with Megan Franke. OK, she doesn't know who I am but I know who she is and I'm super excited!  She is THE CGI Guru from UCLA (my Alma Mater)!!  We have been doing CGI in our school but haven't had formal training outside of pd at our school meetings.

Here is what I've learned so far...
First, it's not a curriculum.  It's more an approach to teaching math. 
Guiding Principle
Make sure kids explain their thinking.  Give them time to explain how they got their answer.  They may not have gotten there how you think.

Things to think about!
How can we create ways to allow kids to participate? Allow for all different modalities and preferred methods for tackling math.  We want all kids (and adults) to feel competent in math.  Let students put the work together as they wish.  Say you tell them to take out 12 blocks... they can organize in a line, groups, a mix up- let them do it as they wish.  If you stop them, it can gum up the works!

Build on strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses.  Stop returning papers with all the wrong answers circled.  Let's look at what they did right instead.   That is a big aha for me!  Build on what they understand!

Overarching idea
We want kids to become great problem solvers!  To be successful at applying mathematical skills at real world problems.

Big Findings:
Explain your thinking orally or in writing
Explaining your thinking to others helps you and the other person too!

Need help getting started?

I created an interactive bulletin board set that incorporates CGI thinking.  You can find it here!


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