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Becoming Google Certified

Becoming Google Certified

So it's Google for Education PD Week June 5-11

As part of this week, they are giving out a code to discount your certification!  So I decided to try it out!!  Once you register, they send you a link and you have seven days to complete the test.

There is a whole training center to prepare you and teach you things you may not have known!

So this is what to expect...At Educator level 1, you need to complete the fundamentals training.

First, there is the engage in professional growth and leadership component.  This has two units.

Then, there is the Increase efficiency and save time part.  It has 6 units. I really liked the Having a mostly paperless classroom.  I already use Google Classroom but it gave me some more tips I hadn't known.  Don't worry about the time it shows.  It didn't take me half that time.   Every component has a place to take notes and watch videos.  Then there is a lesson check.  Finally there is a unit review.

They last section is Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity, which has five parts.

Then you take your assessment and become a Google Certified Educator.  There is a level two, too, if you dare...

I think, all in all, it took me two whole, long afternoons to go through the training.  Right now I'm still practicing.  I hear the test will take three hours! I only want to take it once!

Good luck!


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