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Keynote: Jaime Casap #ArcadiaInnovation

I went to a great tech conference today sponsored by the Arcadia school district. #ArcadiaInnovation Here are the notes from the keynote:
Jaime Casap, Chief Educational Evangelist from Google, @jcasap
Discussing the importance of education.  Education lifts you up.

Did you know the graduation rate in 1910 was 8%.  The amount of knowledge that kids need to know today has grown exponentially.  Think about it...when do parents stop helping kids with their homework?  

We can we build an educational system that supports jobs for the future. That’s our job.  And the future involves computer science.  Parents (9/10)  want their kids studying computer science.  Computer science graduate makes 40% more than a regular college graduate.  Today, there are 68,000+ computer jobs open today.  In 2015, only 4,000+ kids graduated with CS degrees.

Research on good education says it must be engaging and relevant and personal.  Tech will let us do this. Today, computers revolve around the core of everything we do.  

Generation Z doesn’t know what the world was like before wifi.  They are the first true digital generation.  They think about learning in a different way.  Think about VR and AR and the possibilities there!  Because jobs are not being replaced by people, they’re being replaced by machines/robots.

What are the skills needed by generation z, as stated by major corporations:
  • Problem solving, team working, communications, critical thinking, creativity, literacy, digital literacy, leadership, foreign languages, emotional intelligence

Stop asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, instead ask, what problem do you want to solve?  And What do you need to learn to solve that problem?

Iteration is the result of critical thinking.  Constantly making things better.  We live in a team based world.  Collaboration is how problems are solved.  Google looks for leadership-can you influence, build consensus, take a step back to let others lead.  We need digital leaders that can learn from tech in smart ways. For example, do they know the difference between sponsored sites and news sites.

We need a culture shift.  Converting information into intelligence.  7% of Americans can name the first four presidents: Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.  Don’t ask that!  Ask, what did the first four presidents agree on?  They’ll remember that.

Student centered learning.  Nothing is more important than moving away from our current model and move towards iteration and innovation.    Iteration and innovation drives transformation.  And transformation has no end point.  This is Google today!

Think about a five year old and your current technology...and this is the worst tech they will ever see.  In 20 years, they will find this in the thrift

How do you plan to allow transformation to occur in your classrooms?

Strengthening instruction by sharing best practices for innovative classrooms!

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