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EdTech: App Smashing

App Smashing!

At #CUE16, I learned about app smashing.  We all do it...just didn't know it had a name.  It's when you use more than one app to create a bigger or more complex project.  Here's a cute explanation:

App smashing works best with apps that allow you to save to the camera roll. For example, Tellagami.  You can create your Tellagami and input it into iMovie or something else.  

You could use your gami over a background to explain something and then upload it to YouTube.  That's app smashing.

Say you made a Periscope and saved it on Katch.  Then you downloaded that and save it onto YouTube.  That's app smashing.

Best apps for this?  Here is a list!

Tellagami- to create an avatar.  You can talk for it or type in the text.
Educreations- Like a digital whiteboard

Skitch- a different version of a digital whiteboard

Story Kit- Create a digital story book

These are just to get started.  Play around with them.  When you have the hang of it, do a search for app smashing!  You'll find a lot more out there.

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