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Author Visit: Jennifer Nielsen

Author Visit!

We had the great honor of having the author, Jennifer Nielsen, come visit our school and talk to our fourth and fifth grade students.

She has a New York Times best-seller, The False Prince.  She gave us a quick synopsis.  Sounds fabulous.  Glad I bought it.                           

She also told us about Mark of the Thief and Scourge.  Quite a few of my kids said they were especially interested in Scourge!  I need to expand my class library...quick!
She is such an inspirational speaker.  She had a Powerpoint presentation.
My kids were enthralled!  She came because the Scholastic rep saw how excited my kids were about the book A Night Divided.  She organized it all.  Thank you!! Thank you!!  We can't thank Scholastic enough!

Here is a map showing how Germany was divided after WW2.  Some images from the wall.  Images of Gerta and Fritz from A Night Divided.

Here I am with Jennifer Nielsen!  I'm such a book/author groupie!   It was awesome!!!!

She signed books for all of us.  Teachers, kids, everyone!  A lot of us had purchased books so that we could get a personalized copy!

My signed copy!!!!

What a great opportunity for my kids.  To hear a real author in person and hear about her writing process.  They learned more about the background of A Night Divided and how she came to write this particular book.  If you get a chance at an author visit from her, jump on it!!

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