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EdTech: YouTube tips and tricks!


One of the best sessions I attended at #CUE16 was Youtube and you by Chris Scott @cscottsy

Here's what I learned!

Why use Youtube?
  • It’s inspiring
  • It’s immediate
  • You can show the world
  • We can differentiate
  • Demonstrate dangerous experiments
  • Get a bigger audience (Massive audience)
  • Experience history
  • We get to create, share and help others
  • 360 degree video (get some VR viewer and here's some cool web sites)

If haven't heard of it (Really??), it's a model of tech integration in schools. Don’t use it at level 1- just viewing. You need to move into more complex ideas that are better for kids. SAMR-See that dotted line in the center?  The goal is to use tech where you are above the line.  Are you teaching above the line?

Ideas for staying above the line

Type in words from the standard e.g. “sensory experience” “Lewis and Clark” Create reenactments. Create reenactments with alternative endings

Math: Watch a video and think up some math questions. Try to solve.

Science: Pause a video to make a hypothesis

Art: Mario maker to create your own world

How might you use YouTube?

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