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TT: Brad Montague

Time for Tech Thursday!

Do you know Brad Montague @thebradmontague is? He is the creator of Kid President. You know him, the cute kid on YouTube.
Here's a snippet:
So, Brad Montague did a keynote for CUE. CUE is a National technology conference for educators. He said some great things that he learned from working so closely with the Kid President.
  • Choose Awesome
Here, he said that there will always be haters out there but if you respond with hugs, things will get better. He also said if we treat everyone as if their birthday, things would be great. Treat everyone as if they were special.

  • Choose people
Everyone is important so invite everyone to the party. No exclusions.

  • Choose Joy
Choose to be happy and spread happiness.

If you'd like to see it for yourself, here it is...

Hope you get a chance to come to Cue next year!

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