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12 Days: Holiday Jingles

Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas

Hosted by Focused on Fifth

I collected some web resources for you!  
I hope you and your kids get a kick out of them!

Mr. Nesbitt is a poet for kids.  The poems are cute and the kids like them.

The have classic stories and poems for kids.  
Of course, the old standby "Twas the Night before Christmas". 

Cute songs and fingerplays.

Large collection of songs.  It costs $ to download but you can get a sample and view the lyrics.  It's nice to have things in one place sometimes. 

Lots of great songs available for free.  Just search for what you want. 

Find the lyrics for ton of songs.  Some have audio, too.

I hope this makes your holiday work a little easier!  Things get crazy this time of year with parties and performances.  


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