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Sharing is caring!: Back to School Freebies

Here are bunch of freebies for going back to school.  Enjoy!

First, teach your kids about digital citizenship! If you need some guidance, click here. Here is a pledge they can sign after you have taught them the rules.

I created a Digital Citizen Pledge. You can download it from TPT here.

This freebie is a bookmark referencing the Common Core. The anchor standards for reading are separated into four areas: Key ideas and details, Craft and Structure, Integration of Knowledge and Ideas and Text Complexity and Range. I added questions to each area to keep students focused while reading. I modified it and added another version with a bookworm. It's free, of course.

Last but not least...

For math...

Skip Counting Freebie

This freebie has a skip counting reference sheet and a practice sheet. Really useful for my kids with multiplication facts and division. It's free on my TPT store!


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