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Reflecting on Feedback and Exit Slips

Lisa Robles

     So I wen to a district pd on Friday about the new teacher evaluation system.  It calls for a lot more reflection on my part.  That'sok, I'm udes to that after becoming an NBCT.  One of the areas teachers need to focus on is using assessment in instruction to advance student learning.  
     After careful reflection, I feel one area I need to get better at is providing feedback.  In order to be considered highly effective, teachers need to meet the following requirements:
"Teacher’s feedback to students is timely, frequent, relevant, accurate, and aligned to the instructional 
outcome. Students make use of specific feedback to revise and improve their work. Students work collaboratively with peers to provide each other with actionable feedback."
     So first I need to take that apart and focus on the key words: timely, frequent, relevant, accurate, aligned to the instructional outcome, students use the feedback to revise work, students provide each other with actionable feedback.
    In order for students to be able to use the feedback to revise work, it must be goal referenced.  Did students understand the purpose of the lesson?  If not, it is very hard for them to achieve the goal.
     Actionable feedback has to be clear and specific.  "Good job" doesn't do it.  Instead, "your lead here really drew the reader in.  However the closing, leaves the reader hanging.  Remember, closing sentences need to wrap it with a bow. How can you create a more effective closing for this text?"

Exit tickets
     In order to provide effective feedback, I need to know where my students are in terms of their understanding.  So, I'm going to be using exit slips more consistently this year.  I'm going to make a chart labeled "Twitter Feed."  

     Then using this cute freebie from Presto Plans, my students can tweet about a lesson- no more than 140 characters, please. Sometimes, I may ask them to reflect on their understanding of the content, their effort, the instructional strategy used or the materials used.  If I'm in a rush, I may ask them to just rate their understanding: 4-I got this!, 3-Pretty Good, 2-Developing, 1-I don't get it.

     I'll keep you posted on my progress on using the exit slips consistently (at least once a week) and providing effective feedback to my students.  Wish me luck!  School starts in two weeks!


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