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Companion Book for The One and Only Ivan

Companion Book for The One and Only Ivan

She Just Didn't Get It

By Mack

    I love him.  I really do.  He's great.  I can remember when I opened that crate and saw him for the first time.  It brought tears to my eyes, it did.  He was so cute and helpless.  I knew he'd make me a ton of money.
     We treated him just like he was our own baby.  Me and Helen, we never had kids so he was it.  The only problem was, he kept breakin' stuff.  Like all the time! And Helen, boy, she sure could yell.  She was so mad all the time.
     I tried to show her Ivan was a great addition to the family.  The people, they loved him.  I dressed him up and took him to the mall and they paid. Boy, did they pay!  They wanted pictures with the baby gorilla.  It was great except...
     Helen didn't care.  She yelled and screamed and screeched.  By golly, the whole neighborhood could hear.  Didn't matter what I said, she said, "It's me or the gorilla."  Well, I didn't say nuthin'.  She was being unreasonable and bad-tempered.  Come on, he was our money maker.  She couldn't take it, I guess.  It's just me and Ivan now...and a little booze now and then, just to take the edge off and help me forget.

Interactive video you can use BEFORE you read the book!  The choice the children make will give them a writing activity incorporating edtech.

First try...
The Hunters
    They are clumsy oafs always on the lookout.  They hunt feverishly, quickly, angrily.  How can I be related to these hunters?  They are actually quite dumb. They don't really see me or understand my art.  Did I tell you I was an artist? I have been an artist since I was a wee baby in my mother's arms.  
     Another thing about these hunters is that they are always here- watching, judging.  I do not understand these smelly hunters.  What do they want? Why do they watch me? How can I be related to them?  I am a gentle, majestic giant and they are clumsy oafs.  Sometimes I throw me-balls at them.  They just don't go away.
     I don't mean to throw me-balls at them.  I just get frustrated.  By nature, I am sweet and uncomplaining, a poet even!  These hunters are dirty and smelly. I just can't help myself.

^^^^Well, here is my first attempt at a companion book for Kate Roberts advanced session at TCRWP.  I wasn't happy with it so I tried again after looking at some on GoodReads.

     I wrote a close reading unit for Ivan.  It's on TPT.  If you're interested, click here.  Find me on Twitter @Lisa_teacher or Pinterest: lisarteacher!!

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