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DonorsChoose grant! Developing the three C's through yoga.

Developing the three C's through Yoga! 

We just started school and do you know what they are most excited about during the school day? Yoga!
I have some amazing fourth grade students that live in a low socioeconomic suburb of Los Angeles. All students are eligible for free lunch and this is a Title 1 school. Our school is an amazing place where we teach students the qualities necessary to be outstanding world leaders.
It's all about the Arts and Creativity! My students are benefiting from yoga. Yoga helps build strength, flexibility and confidence. I want students to develop their skills of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration through yoga and the materials we are requesting. They can use the books to think critically and design a yoga plan. They can work collaboratively to use the ipods to take pictures of yoga positions and create a class book of the importance of exercise with the app, Story.
I hope this project allows my students to develop in the three competencies of critical thinking, creativity and collaboration through yoga and the use of technology to create a class book. Please consider supporting our project today! Any donation would be greatly appreciated. 
My students need an ipod to take control of their learning and develop their skills of critical thinking, creativity and collaboration and books about yoga.

Just click here!  When you donate, use the code INSPIRE on the payment page.  It will be matched by DonorsChoose.  If you donate by Sunday, it will be matched again by the Gates Foundation!  Thanks for your help!!!

Fourth Grade Teacher in California!

Twitter:  @Lisa_teacher

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