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Creating a toolkit by Kristen Smith **Bonus**

Creating a toolkit by Kristen Smith  

Day 1- TCRWP


Ways to organize it:

  • A notebook -transportable but limiting to growth
  • A folder
  • A binder - can grow -add sheet protectors
  • Notecards  -can use for mini-charts -front: teaching point, back: mentor text (add author and title)
  • Digital notebook (Penultimate app)  -can create books for each genre, add pictures of charts and annotate
Which works best for you?

  • Writing Process
Writing Process:
Collect/GenerateRehearsal/Developing Drafting Revision Editing Publishing Celebration
  • Writing Skills
Structure, Development, Language and conventions
  • Combination of process and skills
Her system: Mentor text, Collecting, Structure, Development, Language and conventions, Checklists, Partnership work, Conferring templates

My plan:
Digital portfolio

What materials will you include in your toolkit?
  • Checklists (various grade level rubrics, vocabulary bookmark, editing checklist)
  • Mentor texts (excerpts for different grade levels, Connect chart to Mentor text (Excerpt, entire story/book- marked by structure, elaboration and language conventions, color coded in mentor text, Mirror writing-taking student writing to demonstrate the teaching point, show them what they're doing and then show them how that piece could be elevated)
  • Mini-charts (Many charts are on the Units of Study CD already, Use the checklist language to create you own charts and you can include Mentor excerpts if you like)
  • Conferring sheets
Work on your own:
Make a mini-chart, Fireflies
I wrote a beginning in which I showed what was happening and where, getting the readers into the world of the story

Shows place/setting, shows action, introduced time:evening/season
How to write an effective lead...  
-hint at a larger theme
-set time
-set place

How to write an effective lead...
-show what is happening
-show where something is happening (time, place)
-get reader's into the world of the story


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