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Global Read Aloud '15: Fish in a Tree

Global Read Aloud '15
Fish in a Tree

Seven schools in seven years and they’re all the same. Whenever I do my best, they tell me I don’t try hard enough. Too messy. Careless spelling. Annoyed that the same word is spelled different ways on the same page. And the headaches. I always get headaches from looking at the brightness of dark letters on white pages for too long.

I wonder how many kids are going through this but, like Ally, are too embarrassed or afraid to say something? There are many famous people who struggle(d) with Dyslexia...Albert Einstein, Whoopi Goldberg, Dav Pilkey, Pablo Picasso and George Washington to name but a few.

This website ( has common characteristics and what to look out for.

I found another great resource: There are a lot of good resources and tips. Some things they suggest to encourage reluctant readers:

  • Let them read comic books or graphic novels 
  • Use social media and blogging as a forum for reading and writing 
  • Let them read joke books 
  • Let them read cookbooks and try their hand at cooking or baking 
  • Read newspaper and magazines to keep up with current events (online or paper) 
  • Ebooks or reading apps 

Global Read Aloud

Fish in a Tree was chosen for the Global Read Aloud 2015. Sign up now to participate this fall. It's a wonderful collaborative project for your students. It'll get them excited about reading and writing.

Here are some resources I found that can help with the Global Read Aloud.

  • Book trailer video.  If playback is a problem, try Teacher Tube.  Playback shouldn't be a problem on school networks then!  Click here for Teacher Tube.
  • Click directly to the Global Read Aloud site here!
  • A free Educator's Guide from Penguin.  It was pretty good!
  • You can find Lynda Mulally Hunt's website here. She will even do short Skype visits with your class!
  • Edmodo group for Fish in a Tree.  Great place for collaboration and to hook up with other classes.
  • It kicks off October 5th and ends November 13th. Don’t worry about getting behind, just don’t get ahead.  Here is the schedule for FIAT:  
Week 1: Chapter 1 – 8, Week 2: Chapter 9 – 17, Week 3: Chapter 18 – 24, Week 4: Chapter 25 – 33, Week 5: Chapter 34 – 42, Week 6: Chapter 43 – end
  • Twitter is a great place to talk about the project and meet people. The slow chat hashtag is #GRAFIAT  Make sure to follow Lynda Mullaly Hunt @Lynmullalyhunt

    I will add to this list as more things become available.

    This is a guide to a close reading of this wonderful book, Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. It was first published in 2015 and has been a breakout hit.  
     This is a great book. Read it to your kids/class today!

    This story is told from the point of view of Ally Nickerson. Ally is a really smart girl. She’s so smart she’s been able to fool a lot of people. One day, however, Mr. Daniels comes to substitute for Ms. Hall. He’s able to figure out Ally when no one else could.

    Close reading will be an integral part of teaching with the Common Core. Students need to know how to be analytic when reading texts and poems. I have outlined the components of authentic literacy and what it looks like in the classroom. I formatted the guide as follows. It begins with an explanation of close reading and how to format a lesson. Then, there is a story summary, themes listed and character descriptions. I created focus questions for each and every chapter. There are explicit gradual release formatted lessons throughout. I included a close reading sheet for each of the explicit lessons. You could use the focus questions to create more close reading lessons using the blank templates or for class discussions. At the end, there is a blank sheet for planning and to use with close reading of different chapters. I hope your students enjoy it as much as my students did.

    Some comments my other close reading guides have received:

    "This was my first year using this book and your resources helped me out greatly! Thank you!"
    "Love this! My ESL students are struggling with the novel and this will help."
    "Thank you for this wonderful product! Walking through a close read with my students, helped them understand the process. It was fantastic being able to reproduce the novel in a close reading graphic organizer. This product saved me a lot of time!"
    "Awesome resource! I can't wait to use it. I can see that it will be useful with SEVERAL different grades. Thank you!"

    Thanks for taking a look at my close reading guides on my TPT store!

    I'll see you at the Global Read Aloud!

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