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Text Structures

Teaching Text Structures

Are you teaching text structures too? Teaching text structures is super helpful for students when analyzing expository text.

My teaching text structures unit has charts and examples to help you when teaching test structures.  It's available at my TPT store.

Lessons begin with explicit instruction on text structures and how to identify them in expository text. Sample paragraphs are provided. After this, students use summary frames to identify if their own paragraphs are meeting the guidelines of the specific text structures.

Finally, students improve their work by revising for the 6 traits of writing. Lessons are based on the Common Core Standards for fifth grade. The last page is a listing of Mentor Texts that can be used to teach text structures. Lessons are based on the the gradual release and are meant to be used during writer's workshop.

Some feedback I've received on my unit:
"Perfect for teaching text structure in 5th grade!"
"Great resource!"
"Examples are well written."

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