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SoL: Check your spelling

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SoL: Check your spelling

So my students are working on Edmodo.  There is a free app called Storylines pages where kids have to write nice comments about each other.  Every comment needs to be approved by the teacher before it can be published.  It's a lot of work on the teacher because every comment for every student must be approved or rejected- meaning it gets kicked back to the student for revision. Once everyone finishes, it makes a nice book they can read.

So as the kids are working on their comments, I'm working on approving or rejecting comments.  Some are great: " Thank you for being so helpful to me. I'm a new student and it means a lot."  Some are not: "Your nice."

As I was reviewing comments, one really caught my eye.  "K----, you are so condiment."  What?!?  I asked I---- what he meant.  He looked at me and said "What?  I said he was confident."  Me: "Oh, maybe you better go back and revise your comment.  You called him ketchup!"

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