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STEM ** STEAM ** DREAMS: Let's talk picture books

Picture Books for

Let's talk picture books for STEM...STEAM...DREAMS...ok whatever acronym you use, it means science, tech and math. Here are some of my favorites.

Ada Twist Scientist by Andrea Beatty. I love her books because I find them easy for the kids to put themselves into the characters. Are your kids questioneers? If you want to learn about the scientific method, follow Ada Twist! This is a great book to have kids start thinking of themselves as scientists. It's not someone else, it's you!! If you are reading some Andrea Beatty's other books, check out her website. It's a fantastic site.

My kids loooove How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk. This is a great book to have kids learn all the coding vocab in an easy relatable way. Sequence, loops, conditions, all of it! Then I would take littles to kodable and older kids to to put that vocabulary into use.

Last but not least is Computer Decoder: Dorothy Vaughan, Computer Scientist by Andi Diehn. This is a beautiful full-color picture book biography about Dorothy Vaughan. She was one of NASA’s first African American managers and one of the groundbreakers on the front line of electronic computing. Best part is that this book includes hands-on STEM activities for an introduction to coding. You want something to do now? Try making a coding bracelet. I use cereal like froot loops and yarn. They make a repeating pattern to show a code sequence. Red, blue, yellow, yellow, repeat, repeat, repeat. An easy way to connect the concepts with a hands on activity.

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