Clubhouse: Perfect Picture Books for Women's Herstory!

Clubhouse: Perfect Picture Books!

Have you heard of Clubhouse? It's an app that they describe as drop in audio. It's like a podcast but live. It only works on iPhone and you need an invite from a member to get in. Luckily, Katie invited me and I'm so glad. I feel like I've learned so much. I drop in and listen when I'm planning. Sometimes, I raise my hand and speak when I have a question or comment. At this moment, I'm listening to Angela Duckworth (gasp!), author of Grit. I feel like I'm learning so much.

So Katie and I decided to take the plunge and host our own room. It will start on March 9, 2021 at 4:30 PST. We loooove picture books so we decided to speak on it! I hope you love it too. Our first topic is Women's History Month!

The first title I chose to speak on: Little Dreamers: Visionary Women Around the World (Vashti Harrison). I was sooo lucky to read about a Virtual field trip for World Read Aloud Day hosted by Flipgrid. They called it a "Flipgrid Virtual Field Trip: Celebrate World Read Aloud Day with Beloved and Bestselling Creator Vashti Harrison author of LITTLE LEADERS: BOLD WOMEN IN BLACK HISTORY." It was amazing. She spoke and even taught the kids to do her art! Always keep an eye out on Twitter for cool opportunities.

Another beauty: Be Bold! Be Brave! : 11 Latinas who made U.S. History (English and Spanish Edition) Written by Naibe Reynoso and illustrated Jone Leal. So I read this to my Second graders who absolutely loved it. Then I used some of the vocabulary to create games for them on educandy. Have you tried this site? I wasn't crazy about the quiz function because I like to do it with the kids and all the kids had different quiz orders. But my kids especially liked the word function. As a teacher, you put in the words. I used journalist, performer, activist etc... Then the site gives you a link with three games your kids can play: word searches, Spell it (like Hangman) and Anagrams. The word search gives the kids the words. The others do not so I put them in the chat to help them out!

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Last but not least, Parker Looks Up: An Extraordinary Moment by Parker and Jessica Curry, illustrated by Brittany Jackson. This beautiful girl was starstruck when she came upon the image of the First Lady, Michelle Obama. Sweet story about the power of art. I can see having an art lesson after this book where the colors really pop just like Amy Sheffield.

Hope you enjoy these ideas and I hope to see you in Clubhouse!


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