Questioning Strategies

DoK Questioning Strategies

According to the Depth of Knowledge (DoK), there are four levels of questioning:

  • Recall
  • Skill
  • Strategic
  • Extended

The recall level involved recalling basic facts and information.

The skill level is a little deeper with explaining, describing or comparing.

Strategic questioning involves going even deeper with solving, concluding and critiquing.

The deepest level of questioning of all is extended.  That's where kids judge, justify and investigate.

Let's see how this works with a specific book, The Word Collector by the incomparable Peter H. Reynolds...

Recall level
  • Who is the main character?
  • What does he collect?
Skill level
  • What were the words he collected and what were the groups he collected them in?

Strategic level
  • What were some of the reasons he collected words?  Do you agree with him?  Would you collect the same types of words?
Extended level
  • Do you agree with Jerome and what he ultimately did with his words?  What would you have done with a collection of words?

Hope this is helpful!

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