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EdTech Tips from LisaTeachR's Classroom: Google Chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions

What are Google Chrome extensions?

They are apps that run within Google Chrome.  You get them at the Web Store. You click on the colorful apps waffle on the left hand of your Bookmarks bar. The web store will be on the bottom right.  They will make your life more productive...I promise!

Here's my list:

Google Translate for Google -Do I even need to explain?

Google Tone -This is such a neat tool.  You can broadcast a URL to any website in the area.  No more copying things down incorrectly!

Newsela -Great non fiction articles about current topics.  You can chose the readability level.  Quizzes are available for most.

Storybird -Beautiful art for creating stories. 

Kami -Great for annotating.  Close reading, anyone?

Speak It! -Great for differentiation and kids who need a little help.  It reads the text for them.

Turn Off The Lights -Say you want to watch a video on YouTube but an embarrassing ad comes on.  This app turns everything but the video dark.  Cool, huh?

AdBlock -Removes all those pesky ads from everywhere!  Yay!

Storyboard That -great for storyboarding

We Video -Use this for making and editing videos

Polarr -Photo editing tool!

Honey -This is just for you!  It will search for any online coupon codes and apply them automatically.  It's awesome.  It's saved me a ton of money.

What extensions do you recommend?


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