Do you like money? Do you like TPT? This is the raffle for you...

Do you like money?  Do you like TPT?  
Well, this is your kind of raffle!  
Win $100 in a TPT Gift certificate!   
Enter two ways!  
One: click on the magnifying glass to the right to enter and get my newsletters
and two: click on the rafflecopter link below.  
That's it.  
No going to a million websites and 
liking Instagram and Facebook pages, 
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Do it!  It's $100!!

Here are some great products from my store!

Growth Mindset

Is your school doing  more and more with technology?  Here is a Google drive activity about growth mindset.  It had two quick activities and a report for the kids to do!  If not techy yet, I have other products for Growth mindset for you.

Digital Close Reading Guide

Here is a great digital close reading activity for your students to use with thre novel Wonder.  I also have guides for many more: The One and Only IvanWonder, Fish in a Tree and many more.

Back to School Team Building Activities

Looking to build trust and community in your classroom?  I hope these activities help you build that environment where your students feel loved, secure and supported.

Classroom decor sets

Looking to decorate your room?   I always start with literature!  Here are six different sets: Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Dia de los Muertos, Island Tiki and Mary Poppins. Choose the one that fits your personality and kids!

Good luck!!


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