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Back to School Trust Building Tips

Back to School 

Trust Building Tips

It's so important to build that community feeling in your classroom.  You and the kids will be together all year and you need to build that trust from the beginning! I know conventional wisdom is about focusing on procedures and rules and Yes, that's important but I feel this is even more crucial.

My thinking:

1.  Always frame your thinking in a growth mindset.  Don't let them say:  "I'm not good at this."  It should be: "What's another way I can tackle this?"  If you'd like some posters and lessons, try my bundle.  Remember, growth mindset is about their thinking and yours.  How do you give feedback to kids?  Here'a good tool from Mindset Works for feedback you can give kids.  

2.  Have you read Wonder by R.J. Palacio. #ChooseKind?  The central premise is that we all need to be kinder than necessary.  That goes for teachers too.  I know!  Sometimes there is a kid that gets on your last nerve.  That's the kids you need to be even more kind too.  You never know what that kid is going through.  Your classroom may be the only safe place he/she has and they need to know that they will be treated kindly and fairly by you no matter what.

3. The kids need to know that they are a team.  They need to learn to trust and work together. That will be especially helpful when doing cooperative activities.  Here is a bundle with 6 team building activities you can do in the classroom.

There is my thinking on building trust with your students.  Start your year off right and it'll pay off all year.


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