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5 Teacher Must-haves for Back to School: Working on a Budget

5 Teacher Must-haves for Back to School: Working on a Budget

and a giveaway!!

Yes, computers, printers and doc cameras are important but I'm talking cheap things that just make your teaching life easier.  They just are better quality and last longer.

My thinking:

1. Sharpie oil based paint markers.  These are awesome.  You can write with them on students' desks.  They don't wipe off!  When a students moves or you're just cleaning, just write over them with a dry erase marker and erase! Super easy.  No more name plates on their desks that look ratty after a few months.  I put their name plates in the plastic pocket in their seat sacks.  Last all year.

2.  I don't know about you but my district buys cheap pencils.  They break constantly and don't sharpen correctly.  If you're going to spend your hard earned money on pencils, get Ticonderoga #2 pencils. They last the longest.  

3.  These can get a little pricey but keep your eyes peeled for sales.  I get mine at Target during the back to school sales.  It'll pay off in the long run. Composition books last so much longer than spiral bound notebooks.  If you need smaller books, Home Depot will cut them in half (horizontally) for you. Awesome!

4.  I don't know about you but if I want a clean room I have to do it myself!  I love Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  They clean up scuffs and even Sharpie marks, super quick!

5. A good cardigan is essential.  Sometimes it gets cold in the room.  Just leave it there and you'll never have to worry about it.  I like the ones from Ann Taylor or the Loft but I always get them on sale at the outlet.  You can find them on sale in July or August.

Extra! Extra! Do you need a lot of something or something big?  Too much for your budget?  Put in a grant on DonorsChoose.  I have gotten paper, books, a full writing center, field trips, student technology and a laptop through them!! Best match codes are at the beginning of the year.  Also BEFORE you write it, look up your states partner funding opportunities (look at the bottom of the page). Write a grant that meets their parameters to get it half funded.  It's a great organization that has helped my classroom a lot!!

It's time for the TPT sale.  It's August 1st and 2nd!  Follow my store on Teacher Pay Teachers for a chance to win a $10 TPT gift card! #bestyear

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Chandra Martin is the winner!  Congrats.  Enjoy shopping.


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