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WW with Oh My Heartsie Girl with 12 Fantastic Bloggers

WW with Oh My Heartsie Girl

WW with Oh My Heartsie Girl with 12 Fantastic Bloggers!  Love getting to see everyone's blog and the great ideas!  I am learning so much!  Enjoy!!

The Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday is all about getting to know new new blog friends as they are highlighted in our post each week. Our Wordless Wednesday is One Party on (12) blogs this week. We hope that you would like to stop by and introduce yourself and get to know them. Follow them socially and comment on a post, we all know how important that is. 
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The Oh My Heartsie GirlsDivider 2660515gz8no2g398 Oh My Heartsie GIrl
Karren-Host //Oh My Heartsie Girl //
This is probably my favorite appetizer to order as a meal at Chilies, they are very filling and are delicious with the avocado sauce that is served with them or a dolp of sour cream. Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Co-Host Cathy 4-28
Co-Host Cathy// A Peek Into My Paradise//
 One of my favorite desserts are Lemon Bars. I love everything lemon! I was a happy camper when I made my first batch of two ingredient Angel Lemon Bars! They full flavor of lemon in a fat-free dessert! 
Facebook | Google + | Pinterest | Instagram | Bloglovin Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Simply Wright                                    Co-Host Ashleigh//Simply Wright // 
If you like Pasta, Avocado and Garlic, this is the dish for you! Served as a warm main dish or a cold pasta salad, this Pasta is perfect for everyone! And as a bonus, it's healthy! 
Lisa Teachers Classroom Blog                                     Co-Host Lisa// LisaTeachR's Classroom //
The Fourteenth Goldfish was first published in 2014 and immediately made it onto blogs and even the Global Read Aloud. It's about Ellie. Her parents are divorced but cordial and her biggest concern is starting middle school. Then one day, her mother brings home a boy. He's a moody teenager...but something about him is very familiar to Ellie. He's a lot like her crazy grandpa/scientist. Could it be? Some themes to consider while reading this book: science ethics, science, divorce, friendship, aging, family, intergenerational relationships, growth mindset, and stereotypes. Enjoy!! 

Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Co-Host Coupon Diva                                     Co-Host Freda // 
Freda Coupon Diva // How Using A Price Book Can Help Save Money + Free Printable // Use a price book to help save money 
Twitter | Facebook | Google + | Pinterest | Instagram Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Cherishing A Sweet Life                                      Co-Host Christine// Cherishing A Sweet Life // 
Four weeks down, two weeks to go to transform one room. This week, I am sharing my hand painted French end table, and gallery wall ideas, as well as a fun visit with the Property Brothers at the Maricopa Home and Garden show this past Saturday! There's still a lot to do to finish getting this room together, but I can see it coming together beautifully!
  Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Jingle Jangle Jungle 4-28                                     Co-Host Mary Burris// Jingle Jangle Jingle//
This post is really about the love story of Marv and Rindy Ross and their love for music and teaching. Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Toolbox Divas                                    Co-Host Timisha // ToolBox Divas // 
My kitchen reveal accomplished under $1000.. 
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 The Whole Serving                                     Co-Host Celeste Meredith // The Whole Serving //
This is a super easy salad, no dressing needed, just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, add in some fresh mint and it's ready. 
Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+| Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Just Another Mom                                     Co-Host Kori Tomelden // Just Another Mom //
This is my story, similar to many others, about the transition from being just another stay at home mom, to being just another mom with a blog, and my current journey to monetize and create an income while balancing life.
Co-Host Katrina Phelan// The Math Lovin' Momma //
Week 4 - Optimism // One of my weekly features is #ThoughtfulThursday where I try to post on a different topic each week. The post consists mainly of inspirational quotes that I like and my interpretation of the quotes. Last week's topic was optimism. Come back this Thursday for a special Mother's Day inspired #ThoughtfulThursday!
  Twitter | Bloglovin | Google+ | Facebook | Pinterest Divider 2660515gz8no2g398 Ask Latisha                                    Co-Host Latisha//
AskLatisha // 
A Mother's Fears // I use to be a very fearful person, lonely, lacking confidence and faith in myself. The thorn in my flesh- the one I constantly prayed and ask God to remove. 

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