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IMWAYR: Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

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Niño Wrestles the World by Yuyi Morales

I think I love Yuyi Morales.  Her artwork I mean. I've blogged about her book Viva Frida before.  I just realized she's an award winning illustrator, receiving the Pura Belpre award and the Golden Kite award. 

The art in Niño is so bright and beautiful.  The colors remind me of Mexico.  Many of us teachers are teaching students of Latino descent and it's nice to have some literature respresenting the culture. I'm Mexican-American myself and am always on the look out for relatable literature. I particularly love the giant Olmec head.   Do you know of Lucha Libre?  No?  Well, you will after reading this book.  It is BIG in Mexico.

Teaching points: text features, context clues, and wordplay.  Great book for teaching text features like "Bloop", "Slish" and "Zok".  There's lots of Spanish throughout but you can figure the definitions through context.  Also if you don't speak Spanish, there are pronunciation guides to help you out. The wordplay is amazing.

Great book for grades K-3 (Well, 4 because I'm definitely reading this to my fourth-graders!).  Enjoy!


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