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TT: Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry

It's Technology Thursday!  Linking with Teaching Trio!

     You remember those magnetic poetry kits?  I used to have one on my file cabinet but only a couple kids could use it at a time and the vocab was limited to what I had.  Well, this is a better idea!
     It's an online magnetic poetry kit.  You can use the original, the nature kit, geek kit, mustache poet, poet kit or the love kit.  Each kit offers different vocabulary to work with.
     I used this after we read Inside Out and Back Again.  You can use this with any book that has a connection to poetry- The Crossover, Flora and Ulysses, Brown Girl Dreaming etc..  Or you can just use it during your poetry unit! The kids had a blast creating poetry and they can then email a link to themselves. However, the link takes you back to the website.  It's especially helpful for kids who have difficulty beginning their writing.  With a bank of usable words, the kids have an easier time getting started on their poetry.
     Get started on that poetry!  Fun and engaging for the kids.

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