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What is design thinking?

What is design thinking?

Design thinking is being creative.  It's about looking at problems through different lenses and trying to solve them in creative ways!
Stanford d school

Right before the Covid lockdown (geez, that seems so long ago!), I had the great fortune to attend a 3 day deep dive at Stanford University. It's called the dschool or the k12 lab. As a school team, we experienced design thinking as a students would.  We were given scenarios, we followed the protocol and designed away! It starts with empathy, defining, ideation, creating a prototype and testing it out. You should look into it.
Design Thinking and International Dot Day!

Did you know International Dot Day is on   September 15th?  It's a day that celebrates collaboration and creation so it aligns perfectly with design thinking.  Make sure to go register so that you get access to all their resources.

Let's connect it!

Here we will connect design thinking and   International Dot Day.  Here is a link to a slide deck I created.  It outlines the design thinking protocol as created by Stanford University.  It connects Dot Day and empathy.  And uses drawing and the Quivervision app which takes their creations to create an augmented reality experience. (I'll be honest...I do not subcribe.  I can't afford it!  I sign up for the free trial during this time.)
Take a dive into design thinking!  Your students will thank you!

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