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Classroom Environment

Classroom environment

Time to consider classroom environment!
Why is classroom environment so important? It's not just about making your classroom pretty.  It's about making your class a safe place.  An inviting place.  A place where kids can look up to see their learning reflected and find resources to help them succeed.

  • Arrangement.   Are your desks and tables set up for great flow and easy access for pair work, discussions and group work?
  • Materials.   Can your students access all materials easily and does it foster independence?
  • Wall space.  Is learning visible?  Are anchor charts available for students to refer to when needed?  Is it colorful and eye-catching?
  • Structures and procedures.  When structures and procedures are clear and learned, it helps the learning flow.  Spend the time in the beginning getting them set up and it will pay off.
    One way to decorate and celebrate learning is through pennants!   I love to use pennants for holidays and general learning.  Here is what I use.

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