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National Diabetes Month and addressing it in the classroom

National Diabetes Month

Did you know November is National Diabetes Month?
National Diabetes Month

Diabetes affects more than 30 million people in the United States so chances are many of our students are touched by diabetes in some way- 
they may even have it themselves.  
There are two types: 
Type 1 (T1D) and Type 2 (T2D).  

T1D is an autoimmune condition cause by the T cells destroying the pancreatic beta cells.  Then your pancreas stops producing insulin.  So you have to take insulin to manage your blood sugar.  
You can get it by genetics or viruses 
and it can happen at any age. 
There is no cure. 

T2D also affects your pancreas which is not producing enough insulin.  It can happen at any age but usually affects adults.  Losing weight, eating well and exercising can sometimes help with managing it but if it doesn't, a person may need meds or insulin.

Why is diabetes important to me?

In 2009, I was diagnosed with T2D.  No matter the medications and lifestyle changes, my glucose was out of control.  I finally changed doctors and my new doctor sent me to an endocrinologist.  First thing she asked was if I wasn't T1D.  After various tests, it was determined I was a type 1 diabetic and therefore needed to be on insulin therapy.  
Now that I am on insulin and using my Dexcom which lets me know my glucose numbers continually, my sugar is finally under control and I feel better.
It will always be a struggle but at least I have the tools to control it now.
Mommy Beeps by Kim Baillieul

As I said, I use a Dexcom continuous glucose monitor.  It gives real time glucose readings.  It also beeps when my sugar is getting too low.  
As a teacher in the classroom, it's important for kids to know what's going on so they don't get alarmed when I beep.  
Besides myself, our students are connected with diabetes in their community or 
maybe even within their own family or themselves.  
This book will help them understand what is going on.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about diabetes and how to address it in the classroom.

What ways will you teach students about National Diabetes Month?

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