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What's an Interactive Read aloud? and Picture books to support it for the first day of school

What's an 

Interactive Read aloud? 

and Picture books to support it for the first day of school

Do you use interactive read alouds in your classroom?
I'm going to go over what they are and how to do it and then suggest some great books for back to school! 
Reading Strategies

Interactive read aloud lessons are rooted in the reading strategies.
These strategies are 
-asking questions
-accessing background knowledge
-determining importance
-making connections
-summarizing, evaluating
If you want posters of the strategies, go to my store.

Structure of the Interactive Reading Plan

Choose a book, read it, and decide on 
a strategy to focus upon.  
What strategy does the book lend itself to?
Once you have that, determine how and what you will ask and use post its to put them on the right pages.
Be explicit.  Tell the students what strategy you are working on and why.  In this stage, you model how to ask the question and you answer it yourself.
Stop and summarize.  
Ask a question and share your thinking. 
Then give students time to think-pair-share 
to discuss before anyone shares out.  
As students share, validate or redirect.
Continue asking questions.  
Give students time to think-pair-share to discuss before anyone shares out. 
Continue validating and gently redirecting.
When you ask questions, students can share out without the think-pair-share process.  
Remember to circle back around and discuss the reading strategy used. 

What books should I use?

You can use any picture book you like.  
Just be sure to read it first and consider what strategy lends itself to it.  
Some suggestions I like for the 
first week of school are:
-All Are Welcome
-The Book With No Pictures
-If You take A Mouse To School
-Happy Dreamer
-Each Kindness
_The Day You Begin
If you need more explicit support, try my first day of school interactive read aloud lesson plans

As you read picture books, think of ways you can use them in an interactive read aloud.  Your kids will love it.

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