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Let’s talk about amazing Latinx picture books!

Let's talk about amazing Latinx picture books.!

Hispanic heritage picture books

Yay! One of my favorite topics: Latinx picture books.  As a Latina, this is a very important topic.  I want to students to see themselves in literature and for others to see them too.

    Separate is Never Equal is written by Duncan Tonatiuh
. I love this author and artist.  His work is amazing.  Check out his website where you can see more books of his and his art.  There is a mini-unit for Separate is Never Equal in my store if you want printables and activities at the ready!

    Jaguars and Butterflies is by Leattie Weiss. I remember teaching first grade and the kids assumed I lived in the closet.  They were shocked to hear that I lived in my own home and not in school!  Cute book where the "kids" are elephants and are convinced their teacher lives on campus.  This book is short and sweet.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about some great titles and authors to use in your classroom.

What books will you read your students to celebrate Latin X (Hispanic heritage) history?

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