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It's Spring time Let's talk picture books

It's Spring time

Let's talk picture books 

It's Spring!  Flowers are blooming, weather is warming and it's getting greener everywhere I look!  Let's discover some great reads together.

First up is one of my most favorite books! Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.  It's about Miss Rumphius who has an exciting life traveling and working in a library.  OK maybe not everyone's idea of exciting but it is mine!!  When she grows older, she settles down and decides she wants to beautify the world.  She does that by spreading lupine seeds as she walks the town.  They take to calling her the lupine lady.  And eventually the whole town is covered in lupines every Spring.  The Pinning Teacher has some great ideas on her board.  Check her out!

The Carrot Seed by Ruth Knauss is an oldie but goodie.  This little boy plants a seed.  Everyone tells him it won't grow!  But he has faith.  He takes care of it and he waits.  You won't believe what happens!   Why not have your kids create art inspired by the story?  They can use construction paper to create carrots or paint them!

Finally, a book by Kevin Henkes! He's opne of my favorite authors. I just love When Spring Comes, which is illustrated by Laura Droznek.  It is about how the whole world changes when Spring comes.  From darkness to light and color!  It is actually a part of a quartet:  In the Middle of Fall, Winter is Here, When Spring Comes and Summer Song. Spring is a great time to go out and observe.  Take your students out and breathe in the beautiful Spring air!  Maybe even do some meditation.  Then go on a scientific hunt!  What fantastic things can they find?


Katie, from A Basket Full of Apples, Kelli, from The Beachy Teacher, and I talk about picture books on Tuesdays at 4:30 PST on Clubhouse.  Are you on Clubhouse?  It's an app for the iPhone and you need to be invited to join.  I learn so much on Clubhouse every time I listen.  Come join us to share your favorite books.  We'd love to bring you on stage to share.  There are so many great reads out there.  Help us discover them!


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