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Lovin' Nearpod



I love Nearpod for Distance Learning.  Here's why...

It's a highly engaging platform that merges formative assessments and media!  Super easy to use and the kids love it.  So first log in with your Google account.


It opens immediately to your Nearpod library.  Anything you create will be here and if you like something just add it to your library.  You can edit it if you wish.  Once you create or edit a lesson, you can do it Live or make it student guided so kids can do it on their own.  Once you pick one, you get a code that the students will use to log in when they go to


Some activities:  It has a draw it feature.  It also links to Flocabulary which I love.  And there are Flocabulary videos on everything!  I love the PHET simulations.  My kids were able to create circuits with the tools on PHET.  Amazing!  And Time to Climb is a quiz that is super engaging.  Try Nearpod with your kids.

Go experiment with Nearpod so you are ready to use it when we start school with distance learning.

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How can I make your job easier this year?  Let me know in the comments.  If I use your ideas for a blog post, you will win $10 to Teachers Pay Teachers.  Even better, if I use your ideas to make a resource in my store, LisaTeachR's Classroom, I'll send you a free copy of that resource! 

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