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New Job = New Lens

New Job = New Lens

             So this year, I got a new job.  The week before school began, there were a lot of changes and long story short, I am the new Instructional Coach for the school.
              Over the summer I had applied for and received (I had a few donations and then I paid for the rest of a half since the other half was matched) a DonorsChoose grant for great literature.  Some of it is pictured above.
               IMHO, it's my job to serve the teachers and kids.  To that end, I spent this week, doing read alouds or stokes in every classroom.  It was amazing.  It opened my eyes to what the teachers deal with every day.  As a 30 year veteran, I thought I saw everything...nope.  It was so wonderful to share these books with the kids and teachers.  We Don't Eat Our Classmates got a lot of laughs.  Say Something made us pensive.  The Fantastic Elastic Brain taught us a lot about our amazing brain.  The Most Magnificent Thing taught us about our growth mindset.  I loved it!
                You're probably asking what's a stoke?  Stokes are activities created by the at Stanford.  They can be used to create focus, boost energy and even communicate mindsets.   That was a lot of fun and was a springboard for future work!  And if you've never heard of the, get to know it.  It's an amazing place where people come first and space and work is always utilized with that in mind.  If you're curious about Design Thinking, visit them or better yet attend a training.
              So I hope I do a good job.  But the thing to remember is story always brings us together!

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  1. Congratulations on your new job Lisa. Your timely post goes along with our podcast about read aloud books. Great minds. Have a wonderful school year.

  2. I enjoyed your informative post. I will read more about stokes. Congrats on your new job.

  3. Congrats on the new position! Never heard of stokes and at first thought it was a typo for stories! LOL! I did click on it and scrolled and read more about it. Wow! Brilliance! Kids must love these! Great post!

  4. I love the power of a great story too! I will have to check out the


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