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Dalmatian Celebration- 101 Days in School

Dalmatian Celebration
101 Days in the Classroom

Everyone does 100 days in the classroom but I'm a Disney girl.  Plus I like doing the unexpected!  So in my classroom, we have a Dalmatian Celebration on the one hundred and first day of school.  Here are some ideas for you.

The Basics

Wear polka dots.   Black and white are preferable but anything will do.  Take a class picture!  Take pictures throughout the day.

Language Arts

·      Write 101 words we’ve learned this year
·      101 days smarter in Language Arts (10 each): Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Pronouns, Homophones, Synonym pairs, Antonym pairs, figurative language
·      Writing prompt: What would the world look like in 101 years?

·      Read One Hundred One Dalmatians


·      Stacks of 101 pennies
·      Estimation: How many pennies can I hold?
·      Race to 101 with a die
·      Different ways to show 101
·      101 is a prime number.  What are some other prime numbers and composite numbers?

·      Counting collections: I used Kix,  Cocoa puffs and Chocolate Chex.  I gave them fractions with unlike denominators (1/2 Kix, 1/4 Cocoa Puffs and 1/8 each of chocolate and regular chex) and had them make groups of 96.  Then they had to separate the leftovers evenly.

Social Studies

·      List things that didn’t exist 101 years ago.
·      What happened in history 101 years ago?


·      Make a foil boat that can carry 101 pennies
·      Use 101 items (gummies, toothpicks) to create a geodesic dome
·      Make 101 stars to hand around the room

·      Use 101 strips to make a paper link web
Physical Exercise
·      Do 101 stairs

·      Draw a Dalmatian
·      Create Dalmatian ears
·      Cupcake decorations

It's fun.  Check it out. 


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