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Best Fall Desserts: My top five are easy, beautiful and delicious!!

Best Fall Baking
My Top Five!!
All of these recipes are easy to make, look great and are super good!

This is a favorite of my family.  It's from William Sonoma.  Big tip:  get the pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's.  It's much cheaper.

I love Taste of Home.  Their recipes are so homey and good!  This is a great recipe for Apple Crisp.  Make sure to serve it with some ice cream.  

I love Allrecipes and use it all the time. Often you find caramel dips but this one is a step above.   You add toffee bits on top.  You can either add toffee bits and tiny chocolate chips or broken up Skor bars. I usually serve it without the chocolate. Really doesn't need it.

Isn't the picture magical?  This is so delicious!  You neeeeed to try it.  It's on Betty Crocker.  Can't go wrong with that! 

Last but not least...

I found this on the blog Mom Makes Joy.  They were a great fun fall dessert. Try this out next time you're making rice krispie treats! 

Enjoy your fall baking!


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